Gallery Framing began as a women-owned business over 30 years ago with the vision of picture framing with gallery quality. Then, the business was purchased by Ken Thompson (a veteran Army Ranger Paratrooper from the Vietnam era) in the late 80's whose vision was to focus on top quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Later, the popular idea of hosting art shows by local artists was enthusiastically received by the community. All this led to what it is today, "A Framing Shop with Class". Maine, and Brunswick in particular, are home to a thriving community of the arts, and this area deserves and needs a top quality framing business to help transform their art and sentiment into treasures.
In March of 2011, Gallery Framing was purchased by Jerry Meinhardt who first began picture framing in 1979 in Kerrville, TX, and later continued working as a framer in the town of his birth, Tucson, AZ. In 1989, he built his own picture framing business in Sierra Vista, AZ, near where he was raised in Tombstone, "The town too tough to die". Joining the US Navy in 1991 as an Avionics Electronics Technician, Jerry planned to finish out four years of service and return to his framing business,but four years gradually transformed itself into twenty and then retirement. However, the desire to return to his first love had never left and when applying for a framing job, Ken offered to sell him his business instead, making Jerry the proud owner of this fine business and legacy.
Jerry and his staff, including one member who has been here for over 25 years, embrace the best qualities upon which this business was built. We only use the best in material quality, We combine and continually refine our experience and quality of craftsmanship. We endeavor to make our shop a place all can visit, be comfortable, and be at home. Jerry is currently finishing his Associate's Degree in Graphic Design and will include his knowlege and expertise into your treasures. We can honestly boast, "If you have it, we can frame it", and our Motto says it best, "We Transform your Sentiment into Treasure".

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Gallery Framing
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